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BLOCK ALL ARTISTS OR GET READY TO BE PUNISHED: Janet Museveni Sends Clear Warning to School Heads as All Musicians’ Performances in Schools are Banned

Janet Museveni

First lady Janet Kataaha Museveni’s Ministry of Education and Sports has threatened to punish all headteachers and principals who fail to stop artists from performing in schools. 

In a circular issued by acting permanent secretary Dr Jane Egau Okou to all headteachers and principals of private secondary and primary schools on August 01, the Ministry of Education and Sports sought to clarify on the entertainment and extracurricular activities in schools.

According to Dr Okou, the Ministry of Education and Sports was concerned following the publication on social media of shocking videos depicting the “the indecency that is allowed in our children’s schools.

“It is also now clear that there have been several of these totally unacceptable and offensive functions allowed in schools in the name of extracurricular and entertainment activities,” noted the acting Permanent Secretary.

“Extracurricular activities in school normally mean sports and games, debate clubs etc, if schools need to entertain themselves, then they can engage in acting plays or arrange concerts. However, inviting singers who dance [suggestive] dances, [unrobed] in the schools in the guise of extracurricular activities must be forbidden hence forth.”

It was on the basis of the videos that hit social media on July 11 that the Senior Management Meeting of the Ministry held a meeting on July 18. According to Okou, the Ministry “resolved that indeed now the Ministry of Education and Sports is compelled to provide guidelines on the nature and conduct of co-curricular and entertainment activities allowed in schools.”

The Ministry has threatened punitive action against school heads who will fail to stop artists from performing in schools.

“Everybody must always remember that Ministry of Education and Sports is the custodian of the values and behavior of the children of Uganda while at school, whether those schools are Government or Private schools,” wrote Okou.

“In the meantime, therefore, Head teachers and Principals of both Primary and Secondary Schools are cautioned not to hire or allow any of these ‘artists’ to perform in schools. Failure to comply, will lead to school managers being personally held responsible and disciplinary measures charged against them.”

Janet Museveni’s education ministry is expected to issue guidelines on entertainment in schools in the coming weeks or months.

“The purpose of this communication therefore, is to inform all concerned to ban performances of this nature from school grounds. Clear guidelines will soon be officially issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports,” said the acting permanent secretary.

Meanwhile, Janet Museveni and her education ministry are pushing for a number of changes in the education system.

For example, the education ministry has delivered bad news to teachers without honors degrees, making it clear they risk being phased out. (Read Story Here).

Janet Museveni and her team have also tasked schools to register all parents’ national ID details. (Read Story Here).

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