BIZZEMU! Panic As Pro-Bobi Wine Journalist's Home Is Raided, Three Relatives 'Kidnapped' - The Pearl Times BIZZEMU! Panic As Pro-Bobi Wine Journalist's Home Is Raided, Three Relatives 'Kidnapped' - The Pearl Times

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BIZZEMU! Panic as Pro-Bobi Wine Journalist’s Home is Raided, Three Relatives ‘Kidnapped’


The drones, vehicles used for abductions, are back, and the latest victims of these kidnaps by officers of suspected security agencies are relatives of a journalist said to be Pro-Bobi Wine.

Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi, is the leader of the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP).

The journalist, who formerly worked for NBS TV, currently lives in the US and has been tweeting about abductions back home.

It is against this background that she has been labelled ‘pro-Bobi Wine’ since a number of abductions she has condemned involve supporters of Bobi Wine’s NUP.

You might have watched Remmy Bahati report for NBS TV a few years ago.

She has since relocated to the US where she even secured a university degree.

Bahati has now claimed that suspected state security agents raided her elderly father’s home and abducted three relatives.

Bahati has identified those abducted by the state agents, who were said to be hunting for guns, as her brother, cousin and a visitor.

“Armed plain clothed men driving a drone with no plates have stormed my 76-year old father’s house in Fort Portal City searching for ‘guns’,” said the journalist based in the US.

“They didn’t find any and abducted my brother, cousin and his friend who was visiting. Their whereabouts are unknown. Help me find them.”

NUP leader Bobi Wine has condemned the abductions, predicting that even those who support Museveni would not survive the drones.

Remmy Bahati

“Journalist Bahati Remmy lives in the US. She’s written about the gross human rights violations in Uganda. For that, she’s been threatened. Last night, operatives raided her 76-year old father’s home in Fort Portal. They didn’t find him, so they abducted three people from the home! Apparently they claimed to be looking for guns which they didn’t find. The three people’s whereabouts are unknown,” wrote Bobi Wine.

“Unless Museveni and his criminal gang are stopped, no one including those who defend these acts will not taste them.  All people of good will must agree it’s enough.”

In recent weeks, a number of abductions have been reported. Two bloggers were ‘kidnapped’ and later arraigned in court for celebrating the death of former security minister Gen Elly Tumwine. (Read Stories Here and There).

A senior TV journalist was also kidnapped as he left his workplace in Kampala. (Read Story Here).

Just a few days ago, armed men in military uniform kidnapped a Pakistani investor. (Read Story Here).

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