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Bishop Twinomujuni on Senyonga claims Mbonye is above Moses, Elijah, et al

Bishop Twinomujuni, Simon Senyonga and Prophet Elvis Mbonye

Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni has responded to Simon Senyonga’s claims that Prophet Elvis Mbonye is above Elijah and Elisha, Moses, John the Baptist, all the New Testament apostles.

In a video clip that recently circulated online, Senyonga, a disciple of the Zoe Ministries President Mbonye, claimed the prophet was above biblical personalities.

“Prophet Mbonye is way higher than prophets Elijah and Elisha, John the Baptist, all the New Testament apostles; he has a more perfect covenant,” said Senyonga.

“He is greater than Moses, and Abraham; Prophet Mbonye comes after the order of Jesus Christ, he is both with and in Jesus; he is greater than all.”

West Ankole Anglican Bishop Johnson Twinomujuni. Courtesy Photo

Senyonga added that Mbonye was greater in “wealth, dominion and glory,” he is “seated next to Jesus in the heavenly places.”

“Saying that he is in Jesus is an understatement!”

But West Ankole Diocese Anglican Twinomujuni has quoted numerous scriptures to argue that Senyonga is wrong.

Bishop Twinomujuni says Senyonga’s statements are “by far, very unsettling!” and a sacrilege.

“Biblically, and at several theological fronts, the statement is, necessarily, serious profanity,” wrote Twinomujuni.

“No prophet, no patriarch, no saint, no priest, no king of any kind and time has ever made such a claim about any human being.”

He added that not even “the disbelieving, some of whom have uttered the most atheistic statements, have not come any closer” to Senyonga’s blasphemous act.

“Unless we dismiss it simply as a mere hyperbolic puffery, it is very misleading and dangerous to the flock of Christ, and all humanity.”

He argues that Mbonye can’t be higher than Abraham, ‘the father of all believers; Elijah who raised the dead and John the Baptist who baptised Jesus.

Otherwise Senyonga’s statement is “not an ordinary claim,” went on the bishop.

On Mbonye’s ‘more perfect covenant’, Twinomujuni says that “does not make him unique, since all believers in Christ are partakers and subjects of this new and better covenant.

On Moses, the law giver and liberator, ranking below Mbonye, Twinomujuni suspects the prophet’s influence on his disciple could be in play.

The self-styled prophet recently claimed he’d seen a handsome Jesus and fought the devil.

READ Bishop Twinomujuni’s full response on Simon Senyonga’s claims on Mbonye here:

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