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BEWARE! Here are the Tough Conditions Museveni’s Government Has Set for Next Week’s Nyege Nyege Festival

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, a Nyege Nyege Festival poster and Speaker Anita Among

The Ugandan government has cleared this year’s edition of the Nyege Nyege Festival expected to take place at the Itanda Falls in Jinja from September 15 through September 18, 2022. 

The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance and that of Ethics and Integrity have issued a number of guidelines for the 2022 Nyege Nyege Festival.

Officials from the two ministries formed the cabinet sub committee on the Nyege Nyege Festival as instituted by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja.

During the September 07 meeting on Nyege Nyege Festival, Nabbanja tasked Ministry of ICT and National Guidance and Ministry of Ethics and Integrity to prepare and issue guidelines, to ensure that the festival does not breach Uganda’s Laws and cultural moral norms.

According to ICT and National Guidance Minister Dr Chris Baryomunsi, the meeting agreed that Nyege Nyege had a number of benefits. They particularly noted that the festival would promote “Uganda as a tourism destination of choice at a time when the globe is re-opening fully for travel, following the post Covid19 lockdowns.”

“… this is to re-iterate the NRM government’s commitment to fostering a free environment, which includes the right for our citizens and visitors to enjoy the beauty and hospitality of Uganda within the purview of our laws and moral/social norms,” said Minister Baryomunsi.

According to the issued guidelines, a copy of which The Pearl Times has seen, minors or persons under 18 years, will be barred from the festival.

Orgies and dressing that is considered inappropriate and revealing or exposing body parts that should be private have also been prohibited.

Also banned from the the Nyege Nyege Festival are contraband or narcotic drugs.

Language, songs, expressions and gestures that are considered vulgar will also not be allowed at the festival, according to the guidelines.

The activities at the festival will also be monitored by security personnel and officials from the Ethics and Integrity Directorate.

According to the guidelines these officials “will have a right of impromptu entry to the festival for purposes of monitoring the activities.”

“UPF [Uganda Police Force] shall work closely with the organisers to enforce the guidelines at all times. Breaches will attract sanctions, including prosecution. In case of serious breaches, UPF shall stop the festival and order everyone to vacate the Nyege Nyege site,” government further announced.

Government is also expected to compel organisers of the festival to sign a written undertaking with UPF “for purposes of complying with these guidelines, and ensuring safety of revelers.”

The guidelines further read: “The co-organisers of Nyege Nyege 2022, i.e; Busoga Kingdom are urged to take note of these guidelines, and to co-operate with UPF for purposes of hosting the festival safely, and in accordance with the above guidelines, and our Laws.”

It should be remembered that earlier this week, Speaker Anita Among banned Nyege Nyege Festival, saying it was a hub of immorality. (Read Story Here).

But PM Nabbanja threw Speaker Anita Among’s Orders in the dustbin, insisting that nobody can stop Nyege Nyege at this time. (Read Story Here).

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