Betty Nambooze’s American Doctor Gives Latest Update on Her Health Condition, Reveals Why NUP MP Will Not Return Soon

Nambooze in a Ugandan hospital

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke is not expected in the country any time soon, her doctors in the US hospital where she is being treated has revealed. 

For weeks now, Nambooze has been in the US where she is undergoing treatment for the damage she suffered during the 2017 age limit debate chaos that ensued after security officers raided Parliament.

Now, to save Nambooze from losing her job over absenteeism, the MP’s doctors at Bellevue Hospital have written to Anita Annet Among, the Speaker of Uganda’s 11th Parliament, giving her an update on the vocal female legislator who belongs to main opposition National Unity Platform (NUP).

Prof Allen Keller, one of the doctors working on Nambooze’s condition, composed his update to Speaker Among in one page in a letter that was dated August 03.

Describing himself as having expertise is in caring for survivors of torture, Prof Keller noted that Nambooze’s condition had in recent years been worsened by the operations conducted by other surgeons, which surgeries did not permanently solve her health problems.

Betty Nambooze's American Doctor Gives Latest Update on Her Health Condition, Reveals Why NUP MP Will Not Return Soon
Prof Allen Keller and Betty Nambooze

The founder of the Bellevue Program for Survivors of Torture, Prof Keller is also an associate professor at the New York University School of Medicine.

The doctor also said the team working on Nambooze also needs to undertake further evaluation on the MP’s condition, which will inform the further line of treatment for the spinal injuries the legislator suffered in 2017.

In his view so far, Keller says Nambooze had reached Bellevue Hospital in poor health condition but has registered some improvement.

But Keller was quick to add that Nambooze’s injuries had been severe and based on the treatment she had so far received, she “requires substantial additional time to undergo and to receive necessary evaluation and treatment.”

Prof Allen Keller and Betty Nambooze
Prof Allen Keller with Betty Nambooze

The professor further informed Speaker Among that at the moment, the doctors cannot tell how long it will take for Nambooze to be able to return to Uganda.

He made it clear that “for the foreseeable future, she will continue to receive care under my supervision.”

This means that the Museveni government will spend more hundreds of millions on Nambooze’s treatment compared to what had earlier been anticipated. (Read Story Here).

It should be remembered that about two months ago, Nambooze cheated death when she she fell off stairs. (Read Story Here).

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