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Besigye tells opposition to stop fighting over positions and focus on struggle against Museveni rule


Veteran opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye has urged Uganda’s opposition forces to stop fighting over positions but rather come together to end incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s rule.

Museveni recently won another five-year term at the end of which he will have ruled Uganda for four decades.

Besigye was not a candidate in the election but he remains a key opposition figure in the country, being Museveni’s fiercest critic for almost two decades.

With his Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) losing its main opposition political organisation in Parliament tag to singer-turned-politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) in parliamentary elections, Besigye says NUP, FDC and all other change-seeking forces should come together to end Museveni’s rule.

To him, regardless of one’s political party, oppression or the threat of the same affects all.

“For the current struggle to be won, all oppressed people need to rally, plan and act together. When the oppressed see each other as rivals or opponents, they’re doomed!” warned Besigye.

“This is a critical hurdle for, especially, political leaders to jump. The ‘Unity in Diversity’ initiative of Mzee Hon Paul Ssemogerere can be a helpful approach to achieve this.”

Besigye says the struggle should involve all Ugandans, and is glad some clerics are coming on board.

“It’s encouraging that some religious leaders now understand that this is their struggle too; that it’s not a partisan political struggle. The more the better. No Ugandan should shy away from this struggle,” he further noted.

“Our (Uganda’s) political struggle is primarily for Freedom, Human Rights and Human dignity, the Rule of Law, and equal voice and opportunities.”

The four-time presidential candidate also believes talk on policy would not yield much until the end of Museveni’s rule.

“We must overcome military rule and impunity of rulers; the armed forces must be truly subordinated to civilian authority,” he went on.

“This struggle must be won before we focus on debating the best policies to develop our country and the persons to spearhead that work.”

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