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Besigye Promises to Repair Car, House Museveni Donated to Acholi Chief


Opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye has pledged to repair a vehicle and car that President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni donated to the Deputy Paramount Chief of Ker Kwaro Acholi.

On November 26, Rwot Martin Otinga Otto Yai, the Lamogi clan chief, at the palace of the Paramount chief in Kanyagoga A cell in Bardege Layibi Division Gulu City.

Besigye had visited the paramount chief to brief the cultural institution and its leaders about the Red Card Movement under the People’s Front for Transition (PFT).

Rwot Otto Yai told Besigye that the central government had treated the institution unfairly.

He also asked the opposition chief to help repair his car.

“You see this letter; I was preparing to give it to you. In the past, this boy [Gilbert Olanya] requested a vehicle for me,” Otto Yai told the PFT boss.

“I was given the vehicle but, does the vehicle use water? No, it uses petrol and the government did not giveme money for fueling or servicing. I decided to take back their vehicle and park it in the Presidential Lodge compound.”

The Pajero, which Museveni donated to the chief in 2015 to help him canvass for NRM votes, could now be used to preach the PFT gospel if Besigye repairs it.

The other request Otto Yai made was the renovation of of his house whose in-house toilet is broken down.

The cultural leader explained that he had stopped hosting his visitors at his house because the toilet is in a bad state.

In 2008, Museveni issued directives for the construction of 54 houses for Acholi clan chiefs.

In 2011, each of the chiefs were handed a house worth Shs40m under the Peace Recovery and Development Project (PRDP).

In response, Besigye directed Olanya to follow up the matter.

“We shall try to make sure you can visit your people so that we can get our message to them also,” Besigye assured the chief.

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