Besigye dismisses allegations that he grabbed Kibaale land, Kololo house


Veteran opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye has dismissed claims that he grabbed land in Kibaale and houses in Kololo after President Museveni’s NRA took over in 1986.

Allegations of the land and house grabbing in Kibaale and Kololo were made a social media follower as Besigye attempted to punch holes into singer Akon’s City project.

President Museveni promised to offer Akon land for his City project.

Besigye had listed some of the development projects that led to the eviction of Ugandans and demolition of institutions to pave way for new ones, only for them to fail to materialize.

“Uganda’s clumsy and unmatched NRM/Museveni Junta looters and land-grabbers have turned our country into a big joke,” wrote Besigye.

“There was the Naguru Satellite City that summarily displaced 1000s of low income workers 10 years ago; Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s Kingdom “CHOGM Hotel” that demolished a huge Shimoni Primary School, Shimoni TTC & other developments; over 1000 people were evicted from 60 Acres of Uganda Railways land at Nsambya for an ‘investor.’ Now it’s Akon!”

Besigye added that “every Ugandan of good will has a DUTY to stop this” and that “the people of Uganda must regain control of their country.”

But Besigye’s social media follower identified as Mariam Muggie made allegations that seemed to suggest Besigye had engaged in land grabbing.

“But Colonel, you tend to forget so quickly. Have you forgotten the swathes of land that you grabbed in Kibaale at the aftermath of capturing power in 1986?” Muggie replied to Besigye’s criticism of Akon City project and fears of land grabbing.

“What about the houses at Kololo that you awarded yourselves during the divestiture process in the early 1990’s, all during your heydays in the NRM administration?”

The opposition doyen rushed to dare Muggie to present proof to back up her allegations.

“Mariam Muggie, I’ve no land in Kibaale and I’ve never grabbed land from anyone. Produce anyone that’s ever complained that I took his/her land!” he responded.

“I never got a government house or motor vehicle or anything else to become my property. Records are available.

Besigye is said to have rented in Luzira after the Museveni rebels took power.

He currently stays in Kasangati, Wakiso District.

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