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Besigye Car ‘Arrested,’ Aide Muhinda, Driver & Domestic Worker Detained at Nalufenya


Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) says its founding president and former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye’s personal assistant Ronald Muhinda, driver Fred Kato and home aide identified as Ketra have been arrested and detained at Nalufenya.

The arrest of Besigye’s driver and aides came after the opposition kingpin beat security in Jinja City to proceed to Soroti City to campaign for FDC candidate Moses Attan in the Soroti City East.

Earlier in the day, officers of the Uganda Police Force (UPF) had besieged Igar Fuel Station in Jinja where Besigye and Samuel Lubega Mukaaku had gone for breakfast as they headed to Soroti East to campaign for Attan.

But Besigye is said to have found his way out of the petrol station, leaving the security officers shocked. Besigye would later campaign for Attan in Soroti East, leaving his car behind.

According to the FDC, Besigye, a retired colonel, employed ‘military tactics’ to slip through police’s tight security and proceed to Soroti.

Ronald Muhinda
Ronald Muhinda
“Dr Kizza Besigye has been welcomed in Soroti, after using his military tactics to escape from the police in Jinja. However, in annoyance, partisan police resorted to arresting his car, his PA Ronald Muhinda, driver Fred Kato and his home aide Ketra. They are detained at Nalufenya,” the political party reported. 
Besigye has in recent months been leaving police and UPDF officers camped at his home shocked on how he manages to beat tight security to leave his Kasangati house and go to hold protests in Kampala. (Read Story Here).

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