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BEHIND BARS AGAIN! How Spanish Company Threw Tycoon Lwasa in Trouble Over Another Gold Deal

Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa. Courtesy Photo

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa has for a second time this year been arrested and detained over a suspicious gold deal.

In January 2022, Lwasa was arrested over a gold scam. (Read Story Here).

Just two months later, police has arrested Lwasa again for allegedly forging a mineral trading licence and using the same to export gold.

Police picked Lwasa from Najjanankumbi in Kampala Capital City’s Rubaga Division on April 04.

Detained at Jinja Road Police Station, Lwasa’s case is being handled by the Minerals Protection Unit.

Lwasa is said to have forged signatures of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development officials to issue himself with a fake license.

With this questionable license, Lwasa is said to have been exporting gold to Spain.

The tycoon  reportedly fell into trouble after he assured a Barcelona-based that he could get them a little over 540kg of gold.

The company then asked for the name of Lwasa’s company and checked particulars of its mining license with officials from the ministry of energy and mineral development.

It was then discovered that the signatures of officials such as Agnes Alaba, the acting director of Geological Survey and Mines, appeared to have been forged.

It was against this background that Lwasa was arrested for interrogation into this alleged forgery.

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