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Baryamureeba digs up Nabilah husband Isaac Sempala’s past dirty ‘crimes’

Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala and Prof venansius Baryamureeba. Courtesy Photos

Makerere University’s former vice chancellor Prof Venansius Baryamureeba has insisted on calling Kampala Woman MP Nabilah Naggayi’s husband Isaac Sempala a criminal that police has ignored.

Baryamureeba, Nabilah and Sempala are currently embroiled in a wrangle over a Shs800m friendly loan that has put the latter’s house in Buziga on the line.

The former presidential candidate recently rebuked police for looking on as Sempala threw Nabilah’s clothes from their Buziga house.

Baryamureeba says police should not only have arrested Sempala for disrespecting an honorable member of parliament that Nabilah is but also for several other crimes.

Verbatim: Baryamureeba on Nabilah Naggayi husband Isaac Sempala crimes

In 2012, after failing to pay so many loans from banks and money lenders he (Mr. Sempala) escaped from the country and ended up in the United States.

Many Ugandans lost their money and some are still demanding for their money since 2012 to date in vain.

At the time of his escape from Uganda, several Ugandans had reported to the police and there was an arrest warrant but now that he returned there has been no attempt to arrest him despite the fact that several of these people he defrauded have never withdrawn their cases.

In 2019, well knowing that he was a Canadian Citizen came to Uganda and obtained a National Identity Card and registered as a voter and voted on 14th January 2021 for Presidential and Parliamentary Candidates.

This he did without first applying for duo citizenship, which is a serious crime under the laws of Uganda and no arrest has been made.

A case of assault against him by his wife, Hon. Naggayi Nabilah Sempala was reported to Kabalagala Police station and we learnt about in the media and no arrest has been made.

This case against him by the AirBnB Hotel guest, Eng Jacob Imbo was lodged at Kabalagala Police Station.

Jacob had booked into the detached apartment in the same compound of the Buziga property, some time in February 2021.

We learnt from the media about this assault case of the Kenyan national, who almost lost his life because he sustained serious injuries as per pictures published in the media.

Sempala has never been arrested by the police.

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