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Balaam Spills 2026 Muhoozi Project Secrets, Claims First Son Kainerugaba is God’s Best Gift for Uganda

Muhoozi Kainerugaba, a 2026 poster and Balaam

Events promoter and NRM activist Balaam Barugahara has revealed secrets regarding a push for first son and Commander Land Forces (CLF) Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to succeed his father President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni in 2026.

Balaam is part of a campaign to popularize what many believe to be the so-called Muhoozi Project.

First broached by former spymaster Gen David Tinyefuuza aka Sejusa, the Muhoozi Project is said to be a long plot to enable first son Lt Gen Kainerugaba succeed his father Museveni.

In March 2020, the first son said his generation had turned the ‘Muhoozi Project’ into a blessing.

“Some evil people coined the ‘Muhoozi project’ phrase to try and destroy us! But trust my generation to convert every curse into a blessing! Thank you Ugandans!” wrote Kainerugaba.

Now, Balaam has told The Observer newspaper that the first son has sanctioned the popularization of the ‘2026 Muhoozi Project’

Balaam claimed that although President Museveni was yet to express his support for the project, Kainerugaba was aware that there was a team marketing his presidential bid.

On what will happen in case Museveni doesn’t give way for his son in 2026, Balaam told the news publication they have no problem with waiting a little longer.

“If Museveni is still capable by 2026, we will back him till the right time Muhoozi succeeds the father,” The Observer quoted Balaam as saying.

He went on to claim that the first son and the ‘Muhoozi Project’ were God’s best gift for Uganda since Kainerugaba has been brought up in the midst of plenty and would not be greedy as many leaders who come from humble backgrounds across the continent are.

Balaam went on to praise Lt Gen Kainerugaba as remaining humble and living a simple life, unlike children of powerful government officials in the region.

To prove this, the promoter observes that “Afande Muhoozi left the comfort of his home to join the army,” something he believes many sons of presidents wouldn’t want to do.

He also showered the first son as being a great leader who has been groomed by the best in the region — such as Museveni, an Rwanda’s Paul Kagame.

To show how serious the Muhoozi 2026 Project is, Balaam also revealed that the supporters of the first son want him to ask his father to retire him from the UPDF where he is the CLF.

Last week, Kainerugaba threatened to resign from the national army over the welfare of soldiers.

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