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Balaam labels Nambooze ‘a political piglet,’ set to release video of 8 Bobi Wine’s NUP MPs signing for Museveni cash

Ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) leaning events promoter Balaam Barugahara has fired back at Mukono Municipality MP after she called him a ‘useful idiot’ on live TV.

During the NBS TV September 15 ‘Barometer Akasameeme’ show, Nambooze bundled Balaam in the category of useful idiots President Yoweri Museveni had employed to pursue his goals.

“I’m not abusing Balaam, but people like him are called useful idiots, they just serve their masters without knowing their end mission,” the Mukono MP said.

“President Museveni described people like Balaam in his ‘Sowing the Mustard seed’ book. He said that when Binaisa was President, he made State House a place of brokering deals and that’s what Balaam is doing now days.”

Nambooze even wondered why the show host and producer had chosen to bring Balaam to a political shows where matters of national importance, instead of having him on entertainment shows like ‘Uncut.’

An events promoter, Balaam has in recent years worked as Museveni’s hook in fishing members of opposition groups, especially those from the entertainment industry.


When ‘Uncut’ asked him about the comments Nambooze had made about him during the ‘Barometer’ show, Balaam took a swipe at the MP.

Balaam accused Nambooze of being inconsistent, noting that she had severally switched parties in pursuit of money.

Nambooze recently crossed from Norbert Mao’s Democratic Party (DP) to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP).

The events promoter based on Nambooze’s recent move to brand her a ‘political piglet.’

“We have many political piglets and Nambooze is one of them. They eat from every plate. This year she’s yellow, then next year she’s in green and today she is in red. She’s a political piglet,” said Balaam.

He also claimed he has footage showing eight of the 11 MPs who recently joined Bobi Wine’s NUP receiving money from Museveni.

“My brother Robert Kyagulanyi, please be informed that I have footage showing eight of the eleven people recently joined People Power signing for money from the boss [Museveni].”

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