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Balaam fires back at Bobi Wine supporters claiming he landed Archbishop Lwanga funeral deal due to Museveni connection

Events promoter and manager Balaam Barugahara has stung National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters claiming he got a deal to handle Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga’s funeral due to his connection with the Museveni government.

On April 08, Bobi Wine and NUP-leaning social media influencer Kakensa claimed Balaam only cared about his business and not his country.

“Balaam can never fall apart from Mseveni as long as Balaam Marketing Agency is still being awarded such lucrative deals [as Lwanga’s funeral],” opined Kakensa.

“To him, this is about nfunirawa [how do I benefit] not about ensi yaffe efuniramu wa [what does our country gain]?”

Mixed reactions greeted Kakensa’s post, with some people condemning the blogger.

Balaam has now hit back at Kakensa and his legion of Bobi Wine’s NUP supporters, telling them to go and work.

“Let all younger people learn to work hard in order to earn other than begging from Government Leaders or Opposition leaders at all times,” responded Balaam.

“My main reason for supporting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s leadership is majorly business enabling environment, Stability, and Improved infrastructures, etc. that benefits people in business despite having oppressive taxes we survive. Let’s work, tuve mu pokopoko [leave rumors and politicking]”.

Balaam pens open letter to Nambooze, predicts she’ll be in Museveni’s NRM by 2026

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