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Bad Black Reveals How She Lost Her ‘GOAT’ to a Rich Old Man at a Young Age

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is a certified ‘sumbie’ vendor who likes to speak her mind, and spill her secrets for all who care to hear.

Right from her teenage years, Bad Black swore she would use whatever means available to her to jump out of poverty.

Soon, her ‘sumbie’ vending trouble would land her in trouble after she reportedly detoothed David Greenhalgh.

She would spend a few years in prison.

On return, she would stop from where she stopped, albeit with some little reform.

Recently, Bad Black told a local YouTuber she lost her ‘GOAT’ (vir*inity) at the age of 19. (Yeah, she had keep herself pure for Mr Handsome until then!)

But then, she realized she needed to get some money, and her ‘sumbie’ seemed to be the easiest way to fame and money.

Bad Black says she would soon give in to an old rich man in his 50s who wanted to have a taste of her ‘sumbie.’

And she believes age is just a number.

Since then, she has sworn that in her world, money comes before anything else.

“I don’t consider age as anything important in relationships,” said Bad Black. “I only want money. The man who broke my virginity at 19 was a 50-year-old man.”

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