Assassination attempt? Bobi Wine bodyguard Norbert Ariho on the spot over explosive in Kayunga rally chaos

Norbert Elba Ariho, Bobi Wine's bodyguard accused of hurling explosives to allegedly assassinate his boss. Courtesy Photos

A man identified as Norbert Elba Ariho is in the spotlight after a video emerged showing him hurling an explosive in the heat of a confrontation between National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s supporters and security officers.

Ariho is a member of Bobi Wine’s security detail, that also includes Eddie Mutwe.

But with intentions yet to be established, Ariho is seen, in a video captured by NUP’s Ghetto TV, walking behind a vehicle close to Bobi Wine.

He then places what is now believed to be an explosive on the car’s windscreen.

The NUP camp now believes the device was meant to roll forward to Bobi’s side and harm him.

The video then captures the explosive moving backward and exploding.

In the ensuing chaos, Bobi Wine scampers for his safety but his bodyguard is injured.

Bobi Wine has since suspended his campaigns to meet the Electoral Commission (EC).

Bobi Wine survives assassination plot as bodyguard Norbert Elba Ariho throws explosive. Video by Ghetto TV

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