Arteta; it is not time to hide, we have to take the bullets


Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta is not shying away from the fact that the current situation at Arsenal is hurting him but maintains that his squad have to work harder and swallow the bullets.

Arsenal have lost four premier league goals at Emirates stadium ahead Southampton game on Wednesday.

“I feel the pressure all of the time,” Arteta said. “When we have those better spells, everything has not been beautiful.’’said Arteta

Arteta is feeling the pressure over poor performance “Obviously, when you are winning, you create a different mood. Then the pressure once you win is to win again, the pressure is always going to exist, I prefer that.’’

Despite the previous success in early Arteta games last season, Arteta say they are currently dealing with facts that they must handle.

“We have to face it being brave, fighting and no one giving up. It’s not time to hide, it’s time to put your face and your body on the line and at the moment, I’m sorry, but we have to take the bullets.’’ Said Arteta

“We’re not winning football matches and you have to put your chest out [and say], ‘Hit me’ because you have the right to hit me, because I’m not winning. What else can I do? Put my head down, work harder and try to do things better and improve. It’s how we have to approach this.”

It is part of a manager’s lot that they will often take the brunt of the criticism when things are going badly, and Arteta says he is working overtime to put things right.

“It’s natural, I accept it and it’s part of the job,” he said. “When you’re not getting results, at the end of the day its the manager who has the maximum responsibility to do this.

“That’s why I accept it because you can say whatever you want to explain, but in the end you have to win football matches and this club is too big to accept this many losses in the last few weeks. My chest is here and hit me you guys.”

Arsenal will on Wednesday host Southampton at the Emirates stadium

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