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Arrest all idiots who said I was dead: Angry Museveni issues orders as he finally speaks on his sickness, death rumors

President Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has ordered security agencies to arrest all ‘idiots’ who announced his alleged sickness and death.

Recently, social media reports claimed Museveni was critically ill after suffering breathing complications occassioned by Covid19.

Others claimed Museveni was dead.

But State House quickly cleared the air on the reports. (See: Museveni sickness, death rumors: State House Speaks Out).

The president would later appear in public to dispute the reports. (See: PHOTOS: Museveni appears in public hours after claims he was airlifted to Germany; haters wishing him sickness, death bury heads in shame).

State House has since urged telecoms regulator Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to investigate the source of the fake news on Museveni’s health condition. (See: State House insists Museveni is neither sick nor dead as president’s rare public appearances are explained).

Now, speaking at the mini swearing-in ceremony of ministers who had missed their inauguration, Museveni issued orders for the arrest of fake news mongers.

The president told newly sworn in ministers social media abuse was one of the issues they needed to deal with.

But he was quick to remove it from the classification of security problems.

He then spoke, for the first time, on his sickness and death rumors.

“Social Media has been saying Museveni is dead,” noted Museveni.

“Now, the other day I went to Bombo to lay a foundation stone and people looked worried because they had been told by so media that Museveni is dead.”

Museveni added that he would task secuity agencies “to solve that problem.”

“They need to quickly locate the person sharing such information because you waste people’s time,” the head of state directed.

The president also warned those who spread fake news would be brought to book, regardless of where they are hiding.

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