APOLOGIZE & RESIGN: Joel Ssenyonyi Told After He Returned ‘Excess Money’ For Ssegirinya Visit - The Pearl Times APOLOGIZE & RESIGN: Joel Ssenyonyi Told After He Returned ‘Excess Money’ For Ssegirinya Visit - The Pearl Times

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APOLOGIZE & RESIGN: Joel Ssenyonyi Told After He Returned ‘Excess Money’ for Ssegirinya Visit

City Lawyer Ivan Bwowe to Ssenyonyi: Lead Others and Resign

Joel Ssenyonyi, the leader of opposition in parliament

A city lawyer is leading calls for leader of opposition in Parliament (LoP) Joel Ssenyonyi to apologize and resign his position after he revealed that he had refunded ‘excess’ money wired on his account as per diem for checking on ailing Kawempe North MP Muhammad Ssegirinya in a hospital in Nairobi, Kenya.

Days ago, in the ongoing online Uganda Parliament Exhibition, Ivan Bwowe, a lawyer and former Makerere University guild president, raised the matter of Ssenyonyi’s per diem, wondering why the Nakawa West MP and spokesperson of main opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) spent five days visiting a sick colleague.

Bwowe also wondered why Ssenyonyi would need per diem – tax payers’ money drawn from the national treasury – to visit a colleague.

“Rt. Hon. Joel Ssenyonyi, why should you be paid to visit a sick colleague? Do you consider this a waste of tax payers money? Does it have to be Five (5) Days?” wondered Bwowe.

He further noted: “On 02.02. 2024, after the aborted city roads tour, Joel Ssenyonyi headed out to Nairobi to see Hon Ssegirinya. On 3rd February 2024, he was in Nakawa launching his football tournament. Meaning, he spent just a (1) day in Nairobi but took per diem for Five (5 ) days. Too Honest.”


Even when the transaction happened in the second weekend of February 2024, Ssenyonyi had remained tightlipped about the matter – at least publicly – until he came out on March 21.

Bwowe now says Ssenyonyi should apologize for engaging in false accounting, dishonesty and for wasting tax payers’ money.

The lawyer also feels that the LoP should take lead and resign just like he has been calling on his predecessor Mathias Mpuuga who has had trouble with NUP over a Shs500m cash reward. (See Details Here and There).

“A refund is not an apology. It is not enough Sir. Was there a requisition? Who made the requisition? Did it have to require a public inquest? We consider your actions an admission of dishonesty and, a waste of public funds extending into abuse of office. False accounting too,” said Bwowe.

“Can you do us the honours and lead. You have called leaders before to resign. Would you mind? The admissions raises more questions but let us start with those above. You cannot justify it.”

Earlier, in a shocking twist, Joel Ssenyonyi revealed that he had returned excess money he got for visiting Ssegirinya in Nairobi. (See Details Here).

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