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Anne Kansiime reveals shocking facts about her sister Shine Omukiga; hated her but she connected her to lover Skylanta

Ugandan star comedienne Anne Kansiime has revealed interesting facts about her sister Shine Omukiga, aka Angel Nyonyozi.

On her birthday today (Shine Omukiga is in her thirties), Anne Kansiime shared interesting facts about her sister.

While Anne Kansiime admits she resembled her brother Apollo, Shine Omukiga was the epitome of beauty.

“Growing up I really hated Shine. She was such a beautiful child with long hair and I remember nearly every visitor that came home talking about how beautiful she was and mistaking me for Apollo my big brother,” Anne Kansiime said of her sister Shine Omukiga.

But Shine Omukiga had serious issues during her school days.

“Shine never spent a full year in a single secondary school. She was always chased for being too stubborn but the winner was one day when she was expelled from school and she came home complaining it was daddy and mom’s fault for giving birth to a beautiful girl like her and to make it worse, call her Shine Nyonyozi(Star) Angel,” Kansiime shared.

“Her reason being that her names were too good, everyone liked them so they appeared on every list written in school for wrong doing.”

Shine has also done a lot for Anne. She has written music for her – and also found a lover (Skylanta) for her after her marriage with Ojok ended in tears.

“Shine is a musician who writes and sings amazing music that some of you my ninjas have heard and loved. She has helped me write and produce most of the music you have heard me sing. The thing is, I can only wish I could sing half as sweet as she does,” Anne Kansiime praised Shine Omukiga.

“Shine is a lover of human beings in general. Are you a human being? Then she loves you. Shine is the life of whatever party she happens to bump in.”

Anne Kansiime has thus vowed to drown Shine Omukiga in booze despite President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s new lockdown measures.

“Shine introduced me to the love of my life Skylanta,” she revealed.

“So, I know our dear president just locked us down but no body shall stop our Reggae today. Just organise your throat my sister, there’s going to be a swallowship.Throats shall be sanitised kabisa.”

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