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Anite: I’m ready to work with Ayume, but he must first denounce FDC

Charles Ayume and Evelyn Anite Photos: Courtesy

Junior minister for Investment Evelyn Anite, has vowed to tame and work with her successor, Dr. Charles Ayume, who won her in the recently concluded National Resistance Movement (NRM) Parliamentary flag bearer for Koboko municipality.

Speaking to reporters at Parliament on September 16, Anite said that NRM primary losers should form an association as Cadres, which will ensure reconciliation in the party and mobilisation, so that the party can have more MPs in Parliament.

Anite promised to work with Ayume into becoming a true member of the NRM party, claiming he still has a long way to go.

“I have a lot of work to do with my opponent because all his campaign managers are FDC [Forum for Democratic Change]. So I have to make him be a true NRM,” said Anite.

“As an NRM cadre, I have to teach him, and then I can support him because he has a long way to go,” She added.

It should be recalled that Ayume said that he is interested and willing to with Anite, for the interest of the people of Koboko.

Although the minister had alleged that her votes were rigged by the mafia and opposition supporters from National Unity Platform (NUP) and FDC, she has promised to continue working with all people of Koboko.

Anite blames mafia, opposition for election loss; insists she’s still gateway to Koboko

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