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Angry Ssemujju Fumes: How Can You Approve Money for Full Figure’s Rent & RDCs’ Cars When You Have No Funds for Maintaining Hospital ICUs?

Ssemujju Nganda

Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has argued that it is imprudent for government to approve money to rent office spaces for presidential advisors and assistants such as singers Buchaman (Mark Bugembe), Catherine Kusasira and Full Figure (Jeniffer Nakangubi). 

On May 20, Parliament considered the 2022-23 budget estimates. Patrick Isiagi, the Chairperson of the Budget Committee,  presented the report of the committee on the Annual Budget Estimates for FY 2022/23.

“There is a notable increase in the resource envelope by UGX 4,167.78 billion in comparison to the resource envelope presented in the National Budget Framework Paper of FY 2022/23. This increment is largely attributed to domestic and external borrowing,” said Isiagi.

“The Committee therefore recommends that resource envelope as approved by Parliament during consideration of the NBFP should be the same resource envelope of the annual budget estimates in accordance with Schedule 3 Section 5 of the Public Finance Management Act 2015.”

But Ssemujju was concerned that Shs8.3bn had been budgeted rent offices for 139 presidential advisors such as Full Figure. The MP, who is also the spokesperson of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), said the rent money should instead be used to maintain Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Shs400m is needed for maintaining ICU at Naguru, Shs500m at Hoima, Shs300m at Entebbe, Shs6m for Moroto and Shs800m for Mbarara.

“The list of presidential advisors include Full figure, Buchaman, Catherine Kusasira. For God’s sake even if you are blind loyalist, how can you approve rent for Full figure when you don’t have money for maintaining ICU across the country?” wondered Ssemujju.

“So you have money to maintain Full Figure and no money to maintain intensive care units. This Parliament has a duty to stop this madness.”

The vocal opposition MP further proposed that the Shs17.2bn meant for buying cars for Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) be used to rehabilitate general hospitals.

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