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Andrew Mwenda warns Kadaga: Don’t commit political suicide by standing as an independent, just accept VP job

Andrew Mwenda warns Kadaga: Don't commit political suicide by standing as an independent, just accept VP job

Veteran journalist and political commentator Andrew Mwenda has warned Rebecca Kadaga against defying NRM chairman President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and the Central Executive Committee (CEC) by running as an independent against Jacob Oulanyah in the May 24 election for speaker of the 11th Parliament.

On May 23, the NRM CEC chose Oulanyah as the party’s speaker candidate.

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But unconfirmed reports say Kadaga was under pressure from a section of MPs supporting her to run as an independent.

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Now, ahead of Kadaga’s major announcement, Mwenda has warned the outgoing speaker defying the party position would be disastrous.

Mwenda says there is no way Kadaga will defeat Oulanyah, adding that she should just accept the vice president job.

“CEC has recommended Jacob Oulanyah for speaker. Some MPs are urging Rebecca Kadaga to defy CEC and run as an independent. That is political suicide because she has no chance,” said Mwenda.

“My advice to Kadaga: officially and urgently pull out of the race tonight and you will be made Vice President.”

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