OULANYAH’S WIFE PUZZLE: Family Reveals Truth about the Women in Late Speaker’s Life

Jacob L'Okori Oulanyah

The family of the late speaker of parliament Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah has told mourners in Ajuri village, Lalogi sub-county in Omoro District that their son did not have a wife by the time he died. 

According to Francis Emuna, Oulanyah’s brother, “Jacob left no woman on earth.”

“There is no woman Jacob came and introduced to our family [as his wife]. He left us with only the children,” Emuna added.

Oulanyah’s first wife Dorothy Nangwale passed on in 2009.

The politician from Omoro then married Winnie Amoo in 2013.

But Amoo and Oulanyah divorced in 2016 after being blessed with two daughters.

Amoo has since married an American man.

According to Emuna, Oulanyah and Amoo spoke a few weeks before the former speaker breathed his last.

When news of Oulanyah’s death broke on March 20, his ex-wife prayed that God should forgive him. (Read Story Here).

She would later call on Parliament to open her ex-husband’s casket and allow MPs to view Oulanyah’s body. (Read Story Here).

On April 08, Emuna told mourners that Amoo called him yesterday to communicate that she would not attend the funeral.

But Amoo promised to come with Oulanyah’s children so that they can pay their last respects to the former speaker.

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