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Andrew Mwenda: Jacob Oulanyah chosen by spirits of ancestors, Kadaga made blunder to challenge him


Veteran journalist and political commentator Andrew Mwenda says Rebecca Kadaga made a huge political blunder to challenge her hitherto deputy in the 11th Parliament speaker election when their ruling NRM party Central Executive Committee (CEC) had decided otherwise.

On May 23, NRM CEC endorsed Oulanyah and rejected Kadaga.

But the defiant Kamuli Woman MP chose to stand as an independent.

She lost to Oulanyah.

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After Kadaga’s loss, Mwenda said the spirits of ancestors had campaigned for Oulanyah, adding that the former speaker had blundered.

“You [Jacob Oulanyah] have made the clan proud. This was the work of the spirits of our ancestors who spoke to all those MPs who voted for you in a dream,” wrote Mwenda.

“Rebecca shouldn’t have defied NRM to run as an independent. That was a strategic blunder a seasoned politician of her experience should never make.”

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