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Andrew Mwenda, Finger & Beans Trending after Singer Sheebah Karungi Narrated How She Was Almost Raped by ‘Respected Role Model’ in Her Car

Andrew Mwenda and Sheebah Karungi. Courtesy Photos

We know you are all used to watching veteran journalist Andrew Mujuni Mwenda throwing around figures to bolster his bold arguments on the economy and politics. But it’s not figures we are talking about today: we are talking about Andrew Mwenda, Singer Sheebah Karungi, ‘beans’ and ‘fingers.’

Sheebah has been trending online since she claimed that someone one ‘big’ and always on TV, respected and a role model to many, almost forced himself on her as she slept in her car ahead of a performance somewhere in Kampala.

The ‘Nkwatako’ singer, who has told off men to stop touching women unless they have been allowed to do so, is trending alongside Andrew Mwenda, a man who would ordinarily not be named in musicians’ and entertainment topics.

Also being mentioned in a number of posts involving Andrew Mwenda and Sheebah Karungi are ‘beans’ and ‘finger’ (not figures).

So, why are these trending? Let’s explain. Ugandans are good at filling in the gaps or so they pretend, and will use all manner of conspiracy theories to place anyone they like at the scene of crime.

This is what is exactly happening. When Sheebah claimed that someone ‘big’ had attempted to force himself on her, she was careful not to mention the guy’s name. But some people have been dragging Andrew Mwenda into the whole saga, claiming that the man from Kanyandahi used his ‘finger’ on the ‘beans’ in the singer’s plate.

Mwenda, perhaps engrossed in political debates and analyzing statistics to come up with figures to boost his arguments, seems to be ignoring the debate on his ‘finger,’ the ‘beans’ in Sheebah’s plate, and allegations that he wanted to swallow them without her permission.

Andrew Mwenda’s is said to have a girlfriend and has previously shared a photo of a woman reportedly named Fifi.

Sheebah is known to the dress the way she wants. While some argue that the way she dresses could have thrown the man in question into temptation, the singer has used her narration to tell men that they are free to see ‘the Promised Land’ but should never touch or even enter without her permission. (Read Story Here)

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