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Andrew Mwenda challenges declaration of Bobi Wine as ‘unopposed’ NUP presidential flag bearer

Journalist Andrew Mwenda has announced he will challenge National Unity Platform (NUP) declaration of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine unopposed as 2021 presidential flag bearer.

Bobi Wine returned nomination forms at the NUP offices in Kampala On August 21, the last day for the exercise.

The party declared Bobi Wine unopposed, saying no other intending candidate had returned the forms.

“I am delighted by the confidence placed in me by all of you distinguished Members of NUP,” Bobi Wine said on his nomination.

He also encouraged his supporters to keep

“We know that the challenges that lie ahead of us are enormous. The regime is getting more vicious and desperate. They are determined to do anything and everything to keep themselves in power against the will of the people,” he said.

“But we must be stronger and more determined to overcome any challenges and redeem our country. Victory is in sight ladies and gentlemen. Let’s get to work.”

Mwenda had picked forms but NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi claimed the controversial journalist shared presidential nomination forms online to dispute the publicist’s assertion.

Hours after NUP declared Bobi Wine what some are calling a ‘sole candidate,’ Mwenda has said he is opposed to the process through which the party chose singer-turned-politician as candidate.

“I have just been informed that Bobi Wine was selected “unopposed” as NUP presidential flag bearer! NUP knew that I had picked forms which I was filling and did not inform me of the “deadline!” said Mwenda on August 22.

“This is a rigged and anti democratic process! I am going to challenge it!”

Mwenda now wants, among other demands, the party to “refund the money I have spent on this exercise.”

But NUP, through its secretary general David Lewis, placed a notice in print media announcing nomination dates.

NUP notice on nominations

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