Amuriat sends clear message to Museveni in open letter, sets tough conditions for president’s talks with opposition

Museveni and his opponent Patrick Oboi Amuriat of main oppositin FDC party. Courtesy Photos

By Patrick Oboi Amuriat

Dear Mr. Museveni,

We heard what you said at the swearing-in ceremony of the new Speaker of Parliament.

Among other things you said, you tried to insinuate to the public that you are for a national dialogue and that you were already talking to some opposition Parties including FDC .

May we inform you Sir and the public that
nobody has been formally sanctioned by the organs of the FDC to hold discussions with you.

In principle,we have however always called for a national dialogue and welcomed structured negotiations based on an agreed agenda and aimed at realising a peaceful transition from your government through an all inclusive Transitional administration.

As a Party , we have over the years given much thought to this matter and we have arrived at certain proposals that we shall be taking to the negotiations table at any opportunity.

Several of our Party leaders are aware of these proposals.

If the initiatives of you “talking” to some of our collegues are along those lines , then we welcome the development.

As you are already aware, FDC can not go into formal talks without an agreed Agenda, agreed parties to the talks , agreed venue, agreed moderator and agreed guarantor to the implementation of the negotiations outcomes .

The open discussions must be towards building a better Uganda.

Taking away individual members and offering them jobs is not a panacea for the maladministration in Uganda and will not destroy the FDC foundation which is based on fairness and for which we have sacrificed immensely.

You may want to learn from the experience of taking away Hons. Kamya, Onzima, Anywar and only recently Tayebwa, among others, whom you wooed from us hoping to rock our foundation.

Museveni promises to appoint Thomas Tayebwa Minister

Disappointingly for you we have remained steadfast as FDC which emphasizes that our party strength and struggle to free our country is grounded in institutions and transcends individuals.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat
President, FDC
25th May 2021,
Najjanankimbi, Kampala.

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