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ALLOW THE OLD MAN & YOURSELF TO RETIRE: Ugandans Tell Museveni after Gen Moses Ali Collapsed in Parliament

Gen Yoweri Museveni and Gen Moses Ali

A section of Ugandans are concerned about the health of second deputy prime minister Gen Moses Ali, and have asked the appointing authority, Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, to allow the 82-year-old politician — and himself (Museveni)– to retire. 

The calls for Gen Moses Ali’s and Museveni’s retirement came hours after the deputy prime minister collapsed in Parliament. Some Ugandans think Gen Ali has grown old and frail and should be allowed to enjoy his retirement instead of bothering him with taxing government work and the politics thereof.

Gen Moses Ali’s boss Museveni is just five years younger and has on several occasions assured Ugandans that he is still fit to lead. In an interview with NTV Uganda’s Patrick Kamara in the year 2012, Museveni said that leaders above the age of 75 are not active because they have lost the vigor.

“But I think after the age of 75 there is some scientific idea there that may be the vigour is not as much as before. So that one I would quarrel so much, I know there are some leaders who have been leading even beyond the age of 75 but I think if you want very active leaders it is good to have ones below the age of 75,” said Museveni in 2012.

He also vowed not to remove the age limit from the constitution in order to remain in office beyond the age of 75. But he is now 77 and is still Uganda’s president after winning a five-year term in 2021, at the end of which he will have ruled the country for 40 years — and will be Moses Ali’s age. “Not at all. Certainly not. That is in the Constitution now. And I will not involve myself in wanting to change that. Because I think there is some scientific logic behind it.”

Reacting after Gen Moses Ali collapsed in Parliament on Wednesday, a number of Ugandans advised Museveni should allow the second deputy prime minister to retire. Here are some of the reactions:

Can’t Gen Moses Ali be relieved of his duties and retires in peace? This is hurting banange. We need to uproot these guys from power. — Chubby Evelyne (@EvelyneLubango)

They always say Bulbs die on duty but Gen Moses Ali no longer gives us light?!! The man should rest. — Noah Mutwe (@Noahmutwe1).

But at 82 years why doesn’t Gen Moses Ali retire because today’s falling in Parliament hapana. This is the meaning of Okufira muntebbe or dying in the chair. — Adong Sarah (@AdongSarah5)

As we pray for Moses Ali, I still think he needs to retire from the day to day stress and chaos, yes he’s served the country and that’s enough. — Mordecai Muriisa (@MordecaiMuriisa)

Someone close to Gen Moses Ali, perhaps a family member should advise him to retire for his health sake. The guy is just torturing himself. Now look at this embarrassment.Fahad Lubega (@Realfahad256)

It’s hypocritical to ask General Moses Ali to retire because of staggering in front of cameras in parliament without first looking at his boss. You need to have cameras in State House too. — MP #UOT (@SuunaKing_James)

UBC will show Moses Ali tripping on the stairs n falling in order to humiliate him but they will never show us Museveni falling while disembarking from his vehicle. The footage will be deleted. Double standards! Anyone could’ve tripped. Parliament must make provision for a ramp. — Marion (@MarionKafuko)

On Wednesday, Gen Moses Ali collapsed inside Parliament as he was moving out. It was the first time the deputy prime minister had come to the House in weeks. (Read Story Here).

Gen Moses Ali collapsed a few weeks after he was filmed looking sick and shifting uncomfortably in his chair at Kololo Independence Grounds as MPs elected a new speaker to replace the later Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah. (Read Story Here).

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