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Airlines Set Tough Travel Conditions for Ugandans Going for Kyeyo

Fly Dubai. Courtesy Photo

Airlines have set tough conditions for Ugandans going for work in the United Arab Emirates’ cities such as Dubai. 

Thousands of Ugandans work in UAE and the Middle East.

But recently it emerged that authorities in UAE had blacklisted Ugandans and Nigerians, and that each of these would be required to present a certificate of good conduct and AED (Dirham) 5,000, which is a little over Shs5m, on their bank accounts.

These strict rules follow cases of illegal entry into UAE and engagement in criminal activities.

It should be remembered that hundreds of Ugandans were deported over illegal entry into and stay in UAE.

Some Ugandans were even sleeping on the streets, prompting singer and politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to announce a Dubai concert to raise money to help flying these stuck Ugandans back home. (Read Story Here).

Now, travel operators such as FlyDubai have already informed their partners and clients that the Dubai Immigration Authority has set new conditions for travelers using the visit visa.

Besides the AED5000 requirement, travelers will also be required to undergo profiling at check-in points to ensure that they are not entering UAE with wrong motives.

“Dear Travel Partners, kindly note the below conditions enforced by the Dubai immigration authority for passengers traveling on visit visa: Onward / Return ticket on flydubai; AED5000 or equivalent cash in hand; Hotel booking for the full duration of stay; in case of home stay: Invitation letter from the host along with address, phone number and copy of ID/passport of the host in Dubai,” said FlyDubai’s sales team in a notice.

“Passengers will be subject to profiling at check-in for the above to ascertain their stated purpose of travel. If the return journey is cancelled, the passenger will risk deportation and issuing Agent will be subject to the financial liability.”

Still in the airlines business, several top Uganda Airlines bosses have been fired after Joel Ssenyonyi’s Cosase shocking revelations, and their jobs advertised. (Read Story Here).

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