Aganaga: Why I left Bobi’s NUP for Museveni’s NRM

Bobi Wine, Aganaga and President Museveni. Courtesy photos

Singer Sadat Mukiibi, popularly known as Khalifah Aganaga has crossed from Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) to President Yoweri Museveni’s National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Aganaga was at the NRM offices in Kampala on September 24 where he met party officials, including Mathias Kasamba the party’s head of mobilization.

The singer wanted NUP flag for Rubaga South MP seat but the Mercy Walukamba Election Management Committee denied him its ticket.


After NUP denied him its flag, Aganaga accused the Kamwokya-based party of being undemocratic.

“I can’t believe they would treat me like this. I have invested a lot of money in this: printing banners, posters, I bought berets and most of all I have been promoting the struggle but the way they treated me was so unfair,” the singer said.

“The struggle is us, we campaigned and promoted Bobi Wine even before NUP. I personally went to Kyadondo and sang during his rallies, but now I see he has brought some politicians closer, those are the ones he says are in the struggle.

“They are not practicing the democracy they preach. They should let us meet the voters who should make a choice. This vetting process is not democratic.”

Aganaga said he would return to music after NUP disappointed him.  

“They have indirectly taken me back to music. After this, I’ve decided to get back to music and I will be performing for every political aspirant regardless of any political party. There is no card needed in music and I need to get back my money which I had invested in NUP,” he said.

Khalifah Aganaga after leaving NUP


He now says he is aware NRM primaries are done and will, therefore, mobilize for Museveni and his party in 2021.

“I am a businessman, I offer services; I have come here to offer services if they are ready to pay for my services,” he said at the NRM offices.


“I left NUP because of [Fred Kajubi] Lumbuye. He is in Turkey, saying he in the struggle; which struggle is he in when he is in Turkey? If Turkey is a nice country, let he show me what he owns in Turkey.”

The singer claimed he was “on ground, in the real struggle,” unlike Lumbuye who was hiding in Turkey.

He accused Lumbuye of branding him, singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone and Jacob Omutuuze NRM moles “that have come to fight Kyagulanyi.”

“So, you said I am an NRM mole; you have given me a free pass to go to NRM,” he said.

“I said ‘instead of becoming an enemy to Hon Kyagulanyi, let me go to NRM.”

Aganaga says he will use his numbers, following and music to ensure that Museveni and NRM candidates win big in next year’s elections.

He accused Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone of opposing Museveni after they have become wealthy.

“I have come here to get a beach, to get a flat house, to get a business, they I will know how Museveni is bad.”

He made it clear he will start opposing Museveni, and even start his only political party after he has become rich.

Aganaga explained that he and other musicians had been inspired to join politics by Bobi Wine. But, he went on, he was disappointed to be told that NUP was not a music band.

“Why should we come to a political band if it is not a music band,” Aganaga wondered.

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