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AGAIN! Shock as Powerful Museveni Minister Orders Vice President Jessica Alupo to Represent Her at an Event

Uganda’s order of precedence seems not to apply when it comes to some people, and it looks like there is need to amend it to accommodate and elevate some powerful individuals while placing others a step below the ladder, for that is where they seem to belong — at least in reality. 

While the Vice President is only second to the President and above all cabinet ministers, Jessica Alupo seems to be below a powerful minister who has assigned her some work to do twice.

Today, it emerged that Vice President Alupo had left the country for Israel. While there, the VP is expected to represent Education and Sports Minister Janet Kataaha Kainembabazi Museveni, Uganda’s First Lady at the graduation ceremonies of Ugandan students who have been undergoing training in various fields of modern agricultural practices.

There are other assignments Alupo is expected to carry out during her visit to Israel but these are said not to be that sensitive.

But Ugandan Vice Presidents are known not to wield much power, influence and authority and are only some sort of assistants to the president.

It seems, although unofficially, that the first lady is Uganda’s number two, only less powerful than the president and her husband.

As usual, Ugandans raised questions on Education Minister Janet Museveni breaking protocol and handing assignments to the country’s vice president who should only report to President Museveni, her (Janet’s) husband.

This is not the first time Janet Museveni was being represented by the Vice President at an event. A few weeks ago, Ugandans were left in shock when VP Alupo reported that she had represented Minister Janet Museveni. (Read Story Here).

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