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AGAIN! Jacob Oulanyah Burial Budget Further Slashed – But It’s Still Big Enough for the Big Man’s Sendoff


The budget for the burial of Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah, the late speaker of the 11th Parliament, has been further reduced. 

On March 29, we reported that government will spend Shs2.5bn on Oulanyah’s burial. (Read Story Here).

When Ugandans complained that the money government was planning to spend on Oulanyah’s burial was too much, a minister in Museveni’s cabinet told them to stop complaining. (Read Story Here).

Government has since cut the figure to about Shs1.8bn, and consequently increased Parliament’s budget to include this figure. (Read Story Here).

IGG Beti Kamya has picked interest in the matter and says she will investigate the cash bonanza that must be horrifying Oulanyah’s spirit. (Read Story Here).

Now, for a second time, government has revised the budget.

From Shs2.5bn, to Shs1.8bn the budget has now been cut to Shs1.2bn.

Information minister Chris Baryomunsi has been quoted as saying the budget is big enough to give ‘the big man’ a big sendoff.

“The final budget for Jacob Oulanyah’s burial is Shs1.2bn not Shs2.5bn as the media has been publishing, you may still say it’s big but this is a big man even if it means spending more,” said Baryomunsi. 

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