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Again! 25 EU MPs resurrect plan for sanctions against Museveni government ahead of swearing-in ceremony

Nocolae Stefanitu, EU MEP representing Romania, President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and EU Commission Vice President Joseph Borell. Courtesy Photos

A total of 25 Members of the European Union Parliament (MEPs) have petitioned Joseph Borell, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, to slap sanctions against top Museveni government and security officials over the detention of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters.

The MEPs, including Nicolae Stefanitu from Romania, want sanctions against individual security and government officials engaged in human rights violations.

Stefanitu and his colleagues want Borrel, who doubles as the EU Commission Vice President, to “take action regarding the deteriorating human rights situation in Uganda.”

“Sanctions for all responsible for human rights violations should be imposed under the new EU Magnitsky Act.”

This is not the first time EU MEPs are calling for sanctions.

Just accept that your ‘surrogate’ Bobi Wine lost & You’ve no moral authority to lecture us on human rights, democracy – Top Museveni govt officials tell US

In February 2021, they passed a resolution condemning Museveni’s government over alleged human rights violations.

Museveni hit back, telling off the EU delegation in Uganda during a meeting at State House.

Involving yourselves in issues you don’t understand can destabilize Uganda, Museveni tells EU envoys

See letter from MEPs to VP Borell, and the list of petitioners.

Video: Watch the moment EU officials tasked Museveni to explain why he calls Western World Uganda’s enemies

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