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ACTING PRESIDENT! Here’s the Person in Charge of Uganda after Sickness Forced 78-Year-old Museveni into Isolation

State House Uganda. Courtesy Photo

Uganda will for a few days have a ‘new’ leader – of course not one replacing the elderly long serving General Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, but one with delegated powers to run the country’s specific affairs the president wants her to undertake as he self-isolates over Covid19.

This kind of change is not the one some Ugandans have been longing for, where one leader peacefully hands over to another, but it is a sign of what ought to be.

Museveni has ruled the impoverished land locked East African nation of over 40 million people for nearly four decades in a row. Either he or his soldier-son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is expected to run for the country’s top office in the next presidential election.

For now, the country’s president, whose health and fitness have largely not been in question, has gone into self-isolation.

Museveni has revealed that in recent days, he experienced ‘mild flu-like symptoms: which he admitted he had “ignored” to keep on with his engagements, meeting people at State House Entebbe and reviewing several pages of the State of the Nation Address which he delivered on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

But before he could travel to Kololo Museveni took same Covid19 tests.

“[in the] morning, however, I noticed some mild flu-like symptoms in one of the nostrils (the right one). That is when I called my doctors to take samples and rule out Corona,” he revealed.

“They took three samples- one rapid and two PCRs. The rapid one was negative and so was one of the PCRs. However, one of the PCRs was positive.”

By the time Museveni returned from Kololo Independence Grounds where he had delivered the State of the Nation Address, doctors had confirmed that he had “Corona.”

He has since confirmed going into self-isolation. So, who will be in charge? For two days, Prime Minister and Kakumiro District Woman MP Robinah Nabbanja will the ‘acting’ president.

Nabbanja will be some sort of ‘acting president’ and will preside over Heroes Day celebrations on Friday.

“I have therefore, self-isolated at Nakasero and I have delegated my work for today and tomorrow (Heroes’ Day in Luwero) to Prime Minister, Robinah Nabanjja,” the president announced.

Museveni has since explained why he did not delegate to his vice president Jessica Alupo who is the country’s number two.

“I sent Nabbanja to Luwero because the VP, Alupo, is representing us in Lusaka- COMESA summit,” the president noted.

Nabbanja is the woman that vocal and fearless MP Ssemujju Nganda said was not even fit to be the CEO of a rubbish collecting company. (See Details Here and There).

But somewhere in the corridors of power, there are likely to be some powerful members of the Museveni inner circle who have lesser position but are more powerful and influential than PM Nabbanja. You can read about Museveni’s powerful advisors, who are more powerful than the Vice President, Prime Minister and ministers HERE.

You can also read about what confusing Covid19 results made Museveni do to his wife Janet Here.

Meanwhile, a number of months ago, a popular prophet revealed that a famous and powerful president in the East African region was suffering from prostate cancer, that he secretly goes for treatment abroad and that he would die in power and throw his country in chaos if he does not hand over peacefully. (See Details Here and There).

This same prophet, who accurately predicted William Ruto presidential victory, also revealed the man God had told him will be Uganda’s next president after Museveni has left power. (Read Story Here).

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