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A look at Kadaga’s attacks against Oulanyah: 2016 Vs 2021

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and her deputy Jacob Oulanyah are seeking the top most job in the legislative arm of government in the 11th Parliament.

But this is not the first time Kadaga and Oulanyah are seeking the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) ticket for the speaker position.

And whenever they have contested, there have been attacks and counterattacks on both sides.

Kadaga had launched attacks against Oulanyah but NRM chairman President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni ordered the two to halt their campaigns.

In this particular Pearl Archives report, we take a look at Kadaga’s 2021 attacks against Oulanyah and the one made in 2016.


He is just a greedy man; he is just greedy and arrogant. For me I waited for [Edward Kiwanuka] Ssekandi to work for 10 years before I came [to stand for speaker].  

People are trying to tell him [to pull out] but he does not want to listen but we are going to defeat him.

I am not worried.

Even in his home region, the President was defeated there. In Gulu and Acholi, they defeated the President.

The man has just come from Uganda People’s Congress, he is new in NRM and he wants to replace me who is a senior member in the party?

A person who came with nothing and has a political kit of only 4kg what can you talk about?

They say he was third in the [2016 parliamentary] election but those issues are in court, I don’t want to go into those matters.


On Jacob Oulanyah refusing to chair House

In 2019, we were hosting the East African parliamentary games and he doesn’t participate in those things. So, we are the ones hosting here but also parliament was going on.

So, I told him, ‘me, I am contributing on games, go and chair parliament; he dodged it. The same week, we were battling with the Sugar Bill. The president had called a meeting to discuss that bill. So, I said ‘you know the Sugar Bill’ is so [important] to me, I can’t stay in Kampala. Chair the house; he refused.

After that, he wrote to me, he said he is not well, he is going away. He went, the whole of December. After Christmas, I received a letter that he is going away again. I said ‘you man you have been out, where are you going?’ He took off I let him go. So, In January, I was supposed to go to Canada for a Speakers Meeting. He writes to me and says he is going to Germany for two months to meet business associations. I said the German Parliament and us have no relationship.

On incompetence

My Deputy Oulanyah ran away during the handling of the Age limit bill.

During the age limit bill, my Deputy rang me and said there was something he couldn’t handle. I was in the US but I came back, straight into the fire and he ran away.

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