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A Health Worker’s View on Uganda’s Health Services & Warning on Dangers of Homosexuality

Betty Byaruhanga Nalongo

By Betty Byaruhanga Nalongo

I would like to appreciate the Government of Uganda for the efforts it has made to improve the health sector. 

The government has managed to make commendable improvements by putting in place the following: Village Health Team (VHTs) – These people are trained on health matters and have helped in improving coordination between the health facilities and the patients in the villages – Health center IIs at every parish level; Health center IIIs at every sub county; Health Center IVs at every county level; and Health Center V at every District Level.

All the above health facilities have a considerable number of trained health workers.

 The drug supply is good and it’s done systematically by National Medical Stores (NMS) which is being paid by the ruling government using tax payers’ money.

Sometimes, there are stockouts due to increased population and  increased disease outbreaks which overwhelm the healthcare system for a brief period.

It is important that members of the community should embrace good and responsible health behaviors with a focus on prevention measures. Such measures include: personal hygiene such as daily bathing, washing of hands  routinely, drinking  boiled water, proper use of latrines.

Ugandans are also advised to sleep under insecticide treated mosquito nets which the government gives free of charge.

The other preventive measures include shunning unprotected se*ual intercourse, abstinence, condom use and faithfulness.

It is also important that Ugandans resist the vice and evil of homosexuality.  The an*s was designed to hold in the faeces.

It is surrounded With a ring-like muscle called anal sphincter, which tightens after we have had bowel movement. If you engage in anal s*x (a form of homosexuality), the sphincter muscles will break, leading to a rotten rectum and intestines!

What does this mean for Uganda?

We need the donations to support our health system. But due to the consequences of engaging in acts of homosexuality, we should say no to this vice.

I advise our youth who want quick money to remember that homosexuality’s negative impact on one’s health is far worse than the money they are lured with.

The writer is a nurse working in Uganda.

CONTEXT | By Editor

It should be remembered that for a second time, Ugandan MPs recently passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, in what looked like an ‘IF WE DIE WE DIE’ vow, making it clear to the US, European Union, and the rest of the Western World that homosexuality would not be forced onto Ugandans. (See Details Here).  

Before Parliament passed the bill, the US Government had threatened to withdraw funding to Uganda if MPs passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. The decision by the US was seen as an ‘ACCEPT or DIE’ warning to Uganda since withdrawal of US AIDS support would mean that hundreds of thousands of HIV/AIDS patients would die since they cannot afford ARVS, for example. (See Details Here).

This week, UNAIDS Director Winnie Byanyima met Uganda’s Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka to try and convince the Museveni Government to throw the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in the dustbin. (Read Story Here).

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