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7 Interesting things about Sheilah Gashumba’s new boyfriend Rickman Manrick who replaced ex-lover God’s Plan

Last week, socialite Sheilah Gashumba unveilled singer Derrick Ddungu aka Rickman Manrick as his new lover replacing former boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan.

Proving the point: Ex-socialite couple Sheilah Gashumba, God’s Plan exchange clear messages as both parade new lovers

The following are the interesting things you need to know about Rickman Manrick, the Ebbango hitmaker who has saved sheilah Gashumba from cold nights.

Life in Sweden

Rickman Manrick has spent years almost 10 years in Sweden.

In fact for some time, he was referred to as a Sweden based Ugandan singer.


Sheilah Gashumba’s new man Rickman Manrick is not only good at music and dribbles between the sheets but is also a footballer.

During his school days in Uganda, institutions like St Juliana and Old Kampala SS offered him scholarships because of his footballing talent and skills.

He is also a forward at Sevedalens IF Football Club in Sweden.

Teacher of the Disabled

Sheilah Gashumba’s new catch also has a big heart and hands gifted to pass on knowledge.

He has taught at Kvarnbyskolean School for Children with Disabilities in Sweden.

Heart broken

During the peak of his hyped ‘Ebbango’ song, Rickman Manrick revealed he had suffered many heartbreaks making him go slow on relationships.

But this changed when he set his eyes on Sheilah Gashumba.

Sheilah Gashumba: I’ll give my new lover Rickman Manrick most of my time


Rickman Manrick has previously confessed he has a crush on Chosen Becky.

“She is attractive in a way I can’t explain. Her voice brings out her beauty,” he said in a previous interview.

“I even watched a video where she celebrated her birthday.”

Music Breakthrough

Although many came to learn of Rickman Manrick because of his popular ‘Ebbango’ song, he had been singing a few years earlier.

He began doing professional music in 2018 and was managed by Geoffrey Timothy aka DT Timo.

His other songs include Basumbuyi, Wakanda and Naki.

Hates fans who love free things

Rickman Manrick is frustrated by fans who download music without paying for it.

“Fans can be bad mannered some times, they prefer to illegally download rather than pay for music. I perform in Sweden to the Ugandan community but it doesn’t earn me that much,” he said in an interview.

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