2021 election postponement: Tumwebaze says weak opposition looking for excuses

Minister Frank Tumwebaze. Courtesy Photo

Frank Tumwebaze, the minister of gender, labour and social development, has lashed at those calling for the deferral of the 2021 elections over Covid19.

Several political players, most of them on the opposition side, have called for the declaration of a state of emergency and the postponement of elections.

Main opposition party the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) even suggested a transitional government from President Yoweri Museveni’s rule.

But Tumwebaze, a senior minister and vocal ruling party cadre, says the those pushing for postponement are looking for excuses.

“The idea of postponing elections is not only illogical but also an escapist strategy  of those wanting scapegoats,” wrote Tumwebaze.

“You can only postpone if you have an idea of how long the Covid19 pandemic will take? What if it takes 10 years, do you also postpone indefinitely?”

He further noted that “even when we didn’t have the so called ‘scientific’ elections, complaints have always come up!”

The Kibale East MP also called out the opposition to “discuss these issues objectively and put aside the usual rhetoric of blame games.”

He added that opposition’s refusal to “discuss objectively these issues” and their push for postponement was “nothing else but irresponsible politicking.”

He argued that “the limitation of having no rallies affects all parties, NRM inclusive.”

The Electoral Commission (EC) recently said it was considering allowing regulated meetings.

Political leaders had complained that limiting campaigns to media channels would leave many behind.  

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