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2020 PLE Results: Here’s Full List of Best Schools in Wakiso

Uganda National Examination Board (Uneb) released the 2020 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results. Here is the list of best performing schools in Wakiso.
First Lady and Education Minister Janet Museveni presents PLE 2020 results at the release event at State House Entebbe. Courtesy Photo

Uganda National Examination Board (Uneb) released the 2020 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results. Here is the list of best performing schools in Wakiso.

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PosnSchools Div 1Div 2Div 3Div 4
1Grace Primary School, Lusanja36000
2Fainaz Junior School41000
3St.Francis Junior School, Buddo155100
4St. Savio Kisubi Primary School139400
5Hormisdallen Primary School,Gayaza385510
6Broader Vision Primary School, Bwerenga28100
7Esteem Junior School,Wakiso51200
8Mugwanya Preparatory School Kabojja162700
9Kyengera Parents Primary School78500
10Juliana Junior School, Gayaza49000
11English Medium Primary School34300
12St.James Nkumba Primary School22200
13St.Theresa Kisubi Girls Primary School109700
14Greenhill Primary School,Buwaate1401900
15Kyengera Parents Primary School,Mugongo63900
16Phimose Primary School,Luteete24400
17Gayaza Junior Primary School1542700
18Destiny Bridge Primary School,Gombe34600
19Faith Trust Day And Boarding P/S41800
20All Saints Lweza Primary School851700
21Real Standards Primary School, Gganda29600
22Deven Junior School23500
23Kitende Modern Primary School1632220
24Victor Junior School,Nabbingo671500
25Ebenezer Classic Junior School13300
26St. Anthony Kajjansi Primary School1263000
27Trinity Junior School12300
28Gombe Junior School882300
29Mothercare Preparatory School, Nalumunye22600
30Mantopal Primary School18500
31Trust Primary School431200
32Bright Future,Gayaza681900
33Skylark Junior School,Wakiso14400
34Twinbrook Elementary School28800
35Saviour Junior School,Nakuwadde31900
36Delight Primary School551700
37African Hearts Junior School19600
38Kisubi Boys Primary School802700
39Kitende Standard Primary School23800
40Bright Angels Junior School331200
41Upendo Christian School291200
42Buyinja Primary School532200
43Ridgeway Grammer Primary School492100
44Mivule Primary School Kisubi18800
45Taibah International School703400
46Budo Junior School1577410
47Kide Kasangati Primary School231300
48Asuubira Canaan Education Centre P/S221300
49Gyagenda Primary School965800
50Creamsite Junior School332300
51Highfield Primary School10700
52Bukhaariy Junior School,Nakuwadde453010
53Rockford Primary School191400
54Achievers Junior School654710
55Home Care Education Centre443110
56St. Johnson Primary School231800
57Grand Maria Primary School Nabbingo241610
58St.Kizito Bp.Mukwaya Primary School141100
59African Children Choir Primary School171400
60Kennedy Primary School231900
61Precious Gift Primary School,Gayaza292500
62King David Primary School,Wattuba403210
63Lorencia Junior School363200
64Bright Junior Wakiso Primary School484900
65Adam And Hawa Islamic P/S,Ddambwe151600
66Kikaaya Day And Boarding Primary School101100
67St.Michael Junior School8900
68Wakiso Classic Primary School182100
69St.Marys Primary School,Nabbingo191910
70Vallerian Day And Boarding303310
71Prettie & Precious Junior School10910
72Good Hope Primary School293600
73African Junior School-Bulenga212310
74Bernadette Primary School,Nabbingo131310
75White Angels Primary School495801
76Rays Of Hope Junior School,Kyengera415700
77Elyon Primary School,Nsangi262421
78Kiteezi Learning Centre201830
79Velfed Kiddies Junior School121800
80Rightway Primary School172800
81Katale Preparatory School,Katale122000
82Tween-Age Educational Centre7520
83Good Mummy Junior School,Buddo122010
84Lukman Primary School7681114
85Wilden Primary School183700
86Bukalango St.Agnes Primary School142510
87King Solomons Junior School,Bulenga143000
88Success Integrated Primary School71110
89Kisakye Primary School133000
90All Saints Prep. Andjunior School51200
91Quality Primary School Kyengera202341
92Muteesa I Primary School81510
93Zion Primary School213911
94Sure Prospect School81610
95Kitetika Abc Primary School253451
96Twawil Islamic Primary School143700
97Immaculate Heart Junior School71410
98St.Maria Florence Junior Primary School123200
99Gayaza Girls Primary School173700
100Conbert Modern Primary School163901

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